My story

My name is Marion Bellaiche, I am 29 years old and I am working has an e-commerce project manager in Paris.


I didn’t learn how to be creative, I didn’t’ follow any school art. But since young, I always had the curiosity to create. Around 17 years old, I decided to initiate myself to the artistic collages. From a creative hobby, it became my outlet and my obsession. During a long time, my collages have been my personal diary, my refuge, my oxygen.


After 12 years of practicing and after more than 400 collages, I decided to share my work and there benefits. As a way to express yourself, to reveal your potential, to highlight ideas, emotions, claims and personality, collages reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence.

My creative process is animated by two principles: freedom and eclecticism.

By the free spirit, the eclectisim and the curiosity I put inside my work, my creations are always unics, originales and independantes from each other

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